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Our roots go back to our own farm & craftmanship. This makes us strive for creating the best meatball. We have a central kitchen where every ball is  rolled by hand & stuffed with its famous stuffing. We received an BRC-label that garantees toplevel safety & traceability.

Every month, Wim writes new recipes for the stoemp, salads, limo’s, juice’s & cakes that you can find in the stores. These technical sheets are an easy guide to find your way in the kitchen. The strenght of our groupe makes sure we can create unique partnerships: the sharpest prices & the nicest ingredients.

A direct & continuous contact with different start-ups in food & tech makes sure that Balls & Glory is always a little ahead of the market: our company-owned stores continuously test new & better technologies to make the life of our colleagues & guests even nices, better or healthier.


We live in times where a "war for talent" firmly rages. The concept & our company values are grafted on it to create a pleasant workplace for both generations x, y, z & alpha .

From our HQ we support you in the right way of recruting & attracting talent. Every month we provide trainings for both starter as advanced employees. These are goal-oriented & for example organised in our farm or at one of our suppliers. But also an exchange between the different stores can be very interesting.

Your development & the one of your colleagues is very important to us. But we're also strongly convinced we can still learn a lot from you. Together we are strong!


Our IT is just as simple as our concept, but very effective. From the cloud we work with very mobile applications that garantee a smooth operation in the planning of the personnel, orders, reservations, payments & reporting.

Measuring is knowing:  a network of different stores is the ideal basis for an easy daily management. Based on short & clear tables you can measure the results: in function of the other stores, in function of growth year to date, of productgroups, customergroups & their retention, productivity etc.

Our years of expertise helps you through data & network to develop and/or grow your local business.