11 JULY - 1986


It all started during the holidays at Wim's grandparents' farm. Surrounded by cows, chickens & a lot of nature, it was the perfect spot to learn about food and especially ingredients.

04 FEBRUARY - 2012


The Eureka-moment. How he came up with this idea is a big mistery. The first stuffed meatball was lying in his hand. Freshly rolled with a liquid filling that runs out of the meatball once you cut it in two.

30 APRIL - 2012


This is it: D-day. The official opening of the very first Balls & Glory in Ghent. A day full of stress, but also with a lot of satisfaction. People from everywhere came spontaneously to Ghent to try Wim's balls.

12 JUNE - 2012


One call from Eric van Coeur d'Artichaut was enough. Balls & Glory was nominated for the golden palm for being the most innovative restaurant concept. Full astonishment Wim got the award.

25 SEPTEMBER - 2014


The start of an American adventure. Wim travelled with two friends to Atlanta for a couple of days. They rolled many balls for all hungry visitors of Tomorrow World.

04 DEVEMBER - 2014


A few months later, Antwerp called. After having organised some pop-ups in the city, it was time to open a real Balls & Glory store.

01 OCTOBER - 2015

Next stop: Leuven. The concept of Balls & Glory was very popular amongst young people. That's why Leuven seemed the logical next step to take. Also the students would finally get a healthy alternative to the many fries, pizza or pita.

25 AUGUST - 2016


How can we let Belgium taste our balls, if we're not even located in the capital of the country: Brussels! Wim had been living there for three years, but still.. the first moment he really felt at home was when he placed his bike next to the facade of his new restaurant. 

05 APRIL - 2017

Finally! Balls & Glory was engaged in a collaboration with a farm. From now on, they could really speak of 'their own pigs'. Mieke, the owner, raises the pigs at her farm in open air. They only get the best food. This way we can garantee the quality of our product!